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2023 Maruti Suzuki and Toyota YFG compact SUV spy near the factory new spy shot

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have been working on SUVs for a long time. It is believed that this long-awaited SUV could be revealed by June and July. It is also believed that the company could launch it closer to the festive season. So people get a new option in SUVs. Maruti, which leads the SUV segment, also wants to target the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos market. At the moment, the Japanese company occupies its place in the SUV segment. Its production and trials also began at Toyota’s Bangalore plant. New images of this SUV have emerged, which have been clicked outside the Maruti Gurgaon plant.

Maruti bears the YFG codename and Toyota’s D22
Maruti codenamed this SUV the YFG, while the codename for the Toyota version is the D22. Maruti Suzuki and Toyota will sell both of these SUVs with their different brands. However, the SUV will be built on the same platform. The engine will also get the same. However, a lot of changes will appear in its design. Looking at the pictures, it looks like they will be like Creta, Seltos, Taigun, and Kushak.

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Manual and automatic transmission will be available
The SUV can be offered in two petrol-hybrid engine options. One will be a mild hybrid while the other will be a full hybrid. It will come with more power and better fuel efficiency. The engine will be mated to both manual and automatic transmissions. With the localization of parts, the cost of SUVs will also decrease. In this regard, the production of a lithium-ion battery has already begun, which will power the hybrid system of the SUV.

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Being the same will be different
Speaking of appearance, the Maruti Suzuki SUV will have a larger grille than Toyota. The design of the bumper will also be different. Toyota SUV shock absorbers will get more air space. Both SUVs will have high-mount LED DRLs, which will house the headlights. The design and finish of the alloy wheels of the SUV will also be different, so that the difference between the two is visible.

A panoramic sunroof is expected
Both Maruti and Toyota are making every effort to achieve success in the compact SUV segment. All kinds of equipment and features will be available in their new cars. The recently launched Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza testify to this. Some of the equipment in the SUV will include a head-up display, connected technology, a large touchscreen, a panoramic sunroof, cooled seats and more. The Maruti has a solid foothold in the compact SUV segment with Toyota’s Vitara Brezza and Urban Cruiser. Updated models for both will come in the coming weeks.

Image source: Annette Kattar

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