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22 Chambers of the Allahabad High Court Appeal Case Appeals Chamber – Taj Mahal case: Allahabad has been reprimanded, he said

The petition regarding the opening of 22 rooms in the Taj Mahal is being heard in the Lucknow Council of the Allahabad High Court today. The hearing is held in the panel of Judge DK Upadhyay and Justice Subhash Vidyarthi. Meanwhile, Judge DK Upadhyay reprimanded the petitioner. He said that the public interest litigation system should not be abused. He also said that you will come tomorrow and say we need permission to go to the esteemed judge’s room.

The Supreme Court told the petitioner that you think the Taj Mahal was not built by Shah Jahan? Did we come here to pass judgment? Like who built it or how old is the Taj Mahal? Find what you don’t know about. Go get your master’s degree, or get your Ph.D., if there is any institute that prevents you from doing research, come to us. The Supreme Court said to whom did you ask for information on the 22 rooms in the Taj Mahal?

In this regard, the petitioner’s lawyer said that we sought information from the authority. Then the Supreme Court said that if they say the rooms are closed for security reasons, that’s a tip. If you are not satisfied with it, challenge it.

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In court, the petitioner sought permission to go into those rooms. On this, the Supreme Court commented sharply and said that you will come tomorrow and say that we should go to the honorable judges’ room. The court said the public interest claim should not be mocked. Subsequently, the Supreme Court set the date for the second hearing.

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