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5 Key Reasons to Defeat RCB Virat Kohli Kip Pfaff du plessis The decision to send Mahipal Lomror over Dinesh Karthik proved wrong

5 main reasons to defeat RCB IPL 2022: Royal Challengers Bangalore suffered a 7-wicket defeat at the hands of Rajasthan Royals in the second qualifier for the IPL 2022 tournament on Friday night. With this defeat, the dream of winning the RCB title was shattered once again. The team reaches the playoffs three times in a row but cannot travel to the final. The team’s performance in the match against Rajasthan Royals was also very disappointing. With the exception of Battidar, the batsmen didn’t show the power, while the bowlers couldn’t stop Gus Butler’s storm. Let’s know the five main reasons for the defeat of the RCB-

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opening failed

It becomes very important for the big players to perform on stage like playoffs. If you have Faf du Plessis and Virat Kohli as openers, the team’s hopes are off to a good start, but both hitters are disappointed in front of the Rajasthan Royals. While Kohli returned to the winger in the third set, Du Plessis played slow innings from 25 passes on 27 balls. Openers are the foundation of the team, if you do not give a good start to the team by scoring runs, then victory becomes very difficult.

Why Mahipal Lomror on Dinesh Karthik?

Dinesh Karthik has played RCB playmaker this season in a very impressive way. Karthik was awarded for this performance in the form of a pick in Team India. But doesn’t the end player deserve to play more balls? Maxwell was sent off on the last ball of the 14th round against Rajasthan, after which 6 overtakes were left and the team score was 111 points. Instead of using Dinesh Karthik’s experience here, RCB dispatched young talent Mahipal Lomror, but this batsman only managed 8 runs on 10 balls. If Karthik had come to the field before Lomror, the collapse of the RCB might not have been seen. For the first 13 increments, the team lost only 2 wickets, but in death, 6 wickets fell from RCB, due to the team not being able to reach the big score.

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RCB bowling normal

Not only did the RCB batsmen disappoint, while the team’s bowling seemed normal as well. When a team defends a goal of 158 throws, their priority is to take the wicket in the powerplay. RCB admitted 37 runs in its first three overs, and during that time, Siraj had 31 runs in two overs. The team certainly had Yashsvi’s share in the sixth round, but by then Rajasthan had scored 61 passes on 30 balls.

Siraj Shahbaz runs looted

Mohamed Serraj was not the only player to score a number of kicks for RCB. After Siraj, Ahmad Shehzad ceded 35 runs in two stages, ceding runs at an economic level 17.50 higher than him. These two players spent a total of 66 throws in 4 times and this became the main reason for defeating RCB.

Fave de Plessis couldn’t understand the wicket

During the ejaculation, Sanju Samson said the wicket was a bit sticky, which is why he chose the bowl first. But RCB captain Fav de Plessis loved the pitch and wanted to hit first after winning the toss. Rajasthan benefited from winning the toss and limiting the RCB to 157 throws in 20 times. The wicket looked a bit better in the second innings than in the first innings and Rajasthan chased the goal with 11 balls to spare in a butler horn.

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