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5 women arrested in the case of removing the entrance bra – India Hindi News

Procedures have been intensified in case a female student takes off her bra during the NEET entrance examination. In this case, five people, including two college employees, were arrested on Tuesday. This incident occurred on the 17th of July at Mar Thoma College in Kollam, Kerala state. The girl had complained about the matter on July 18. Let us inform that the Ministry of Education, including the Women’s National Committee, has also been active in this matter. At the same time, the National Testing Agency set up a commission to investigate.

He was arrested after several hours of interrogation
The five people who were arrested are accused of forcing the student to remove her bra before taking the entrance exam. The police investigating the case arrested him after several hours of questioning. Three of these women work for an agency that the National Testing Agency (NTA) has mandated in this regard. At the same time, two women work in a private educational institution located in Ayur, where the accident occurred.

Regarding taking off the bra in the NEET exam, the ministry requested the report, then the NTA formed a committee

The girl and the family complained
The girl and her family have complained about this. He had spoken of psychological harassment in his complaint. However, in the dress code issued by the NTA, nothing is mentioned regarding the undressing of the underwear. At the same time, the girl’s father claims that about 90 percent of the students took off the bra in this position. After that, he was kept in the store room and allowed to appear for the exam. It is said that after the bra hook entered the metal detector, the staff deployed there did so in view of the security.

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