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500 doctors join BJP ahead of Gujarat State Assembly elections 2022 – India India News

Ahead of the Gujarat State Assembly elections 2022, 500 doctors from the state joined the BJP on Sunday. The occasion was also attended by the President of Gujarat BJP CR Patil and CM Bhupendra Patel of Gujarat. General Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in Gujarat this year. For the past three decades, the BJP government has been in Gujarat. This time in the elections, the challenge for the BJP is from the Congress party as well as from the Adami public party.

There are only a few months left until the Gujarat State Assembly elections, so the electoral turmoil in the state has also intensified. As was the case before the elections, the era of changing the party of leaders is moving fast. As the BJP holds a strong position in the state, there is a wave of leaders joining the BJP. This week, the old Congress party leader Ashwin Kotwal, who came from the tribal area, joined the BJP. Ashwin Kotwal, a three-time MLA from Khedbrahma district in Gujarat Rural state, joined the BJP and said he was not happy with the Congress’s work.

Ashwin Kotwal accused Congress that instead of giving tickets to a popular leader among the people, Congress prefers to give tickets to its close and loyal members. Ashwin Kotwal said he did not expect Congress to give him a ticket this time so he decided to join the BJP.

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Remarkably, in the recent Gujarat State Assembly elections, the BJP won 99 seats in the state with a vote share of 49 percent. On the other hand, Congress gained 77 seats. Despite being in opposition, the Congress could not deal with its leaders and at present the number of members of the House of Representatives in Gujarat has been reduced to 63.

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