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90 days of Russo-Ukrainian war caused damage to Ukrainian property worth $9740 million – International English News

90 days have passed since the Russo-Ukrainian war. According to the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), the total damage caused to Ukrainian property in the 90-day war was $97,440 million. In the past week alone, Ukraine suffered a total of $310 million in Russian military operations.

According to the Kuwait Stock Exchange, a total of 1,067 educational institutions have been destroyed in Russian operations so far. According to this, educational institutions incurred a total loss of 150 billion dollars. According to the report, during the 90 days of the war, an average of 12 educational institutions in Ukraine were reduced to rubble every day. At the same time, 574 health centers were destroyed in the war. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims that a total of 1,873 educational institutions were damaged in the war.

234 children were killed during the war
According to a report by the Ukrainian government, 234 children died in the three-month war. Analysis of the data shows that an average of three children have died every day since the start of the war in Ukraine. At the same time, more than 433 children were infected.

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From the road to the airport everything is destroyed
So far, 12 airports, 295 bridges, 169 warehouses, 19 commercial centers, 108 religious places and 179 cultural centers have been completely destroyed in the Russian bombing. In addition, 169 depots and 28 oil depots were completely damaged in the Russian operation.

205 planes have been grounded
The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army claimed that Ukraine had killed 29,350 Russian soldiers as of May 24. Ukrainian army destroyed 1,302 Russian tanks. At the same time, 606 artillery systems, 93 anti-aircraft systems and 205 aircraft were destroyed.

More than 65 million Ukrainians are homeless

Country – Ukrainian refugee

Poland 35.05890
Romania 961,270
Hungary 6,44,474
Moldova 4,71,223
Slovakia 4,42,316
Russia 919,934

Source: UNHCR – May 22

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