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A motorist in Delhi has planted different types of plants on the roof of the car to deal with the scorching heat

A scorching heat orgy has been seen in the capital, Delhi, for a month and a half. The maximum mercury here sets a daily record. Meanwhile, photos and videos of a motorist from Delhi have gone viral on social media. In fact, a person planted many seedlings on top of his car that looks like a small garden from afar. Auto adopted this procedure to avoid this scorching heat.

Mahendra Kumar, a motorist from Delhi, has turned the roof of his car into a small garden, thanks to his innovation and skill. Mahendra says he came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning the roof into a garden to keep the car cool in the summer. As a result, they also feel comfortable and the passengers also travel comfortably. Mahindra said that last year due to the heat, the car was feeling hot. Because of this heat, we thought we were growing seedlings in cars. Since trees and plants were planted in the car, the car has remained cool. People highly praise this Mahindra idea.

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There is a rotating garden on the roof of the car
To create the garden, Mahindra put a rough patch on the roof of the car, surrounded it on all sides, poured soil on it and planted 20 different types of flowers and plants including millet, tomatoes and lettuce. Mahendra says this car stands out from the crowd and has become very popular in the region. People sitting in the car carry their selfies with it.

Cooling fan installed inside the car
Not only the garden, but inside this car, Mahendra placed more pots to cool the passengers. Two small radiators and fans were also installed inside the car. According to Mahendra, his efforts are to provide the passengers with utmost comfort and coolness in the scorching heat of Delhi so that their journey will be smooth.

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