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A Pakistani journalist slapped a boy during a live broadcast on camera for a reason htgp

Sometimes, some interesting cases of live reports spread. And when it comes to Pakistan, it becomes even more interesting. Although all the funny videos of famous Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab went viral, recently a video of a Pakistani reporter went viral. He slapped a boy during the same neighborhood.

In fact, this video was shared by many users on social media. It was said in media reports that this happened recently during Eid Eid when she was a female reporter in a Pakistani city. During it, a crowd gathered around him and a boy stood directly to his left.

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When she finished her work in front of the camera, quickly slapped the boy. This video has gone so viral that many users are confused as to why the reporter slapped the boy. Some users wrote that the boy must have said something wrong or bad behavior and the reporter got angry and slapped the boy.

As soon as this video went viral, people started giving feedback. Some users could not understand why this happened while some were very angry with this action. However, all the people appeared in favor of the reporter. Now watch the viral video here..

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