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A pilot dies after falling from a parachute in North Carolina. htgp – International News in Hindi

Many of these horrific accidents come to the fore in flight, which comes up in much discussion. Sometimes something happens that people can’t even imagine. But recently, such an unfortunate incident emerged from America where a plane pilot died. This happened when the pilot jumped out of a plane flying at 4,000 feet without a parachute.

In fact, this incident is from North Carolina, America. According to a CNN report, the name of this 23-year-old pilot is Charles Hugh Crooks. He flew a small plane and had a co-pilot with him. There were no other passengers on this plane. In the report it was said that during the flight itself there was a sudden failure of the landing gear at high altitude.

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The pilot fell out of the plane as soon as the malfunction occurred. Now it is not established whether the pilot jumped or fell from there. The body of the pilot from North Carolina was found in very poor condition. Surprisingly, only after the pilot jumped, the co-pilot on board made an emergency landing of the plane. He sustained minor injuries and was later treated for minor injuries.

On the other hand, according to the report, the investigation began as soon as this whole matter came to light, and soon he was asked to submit his report to the authorities. The co-pilot who was present at the time of the accident is also being questioned. The father of the deceased pilot said that the death of the son was a mystery even to him because he was a brilliant flight instructor, he was trained to fly by no means. At present, investigation of the case has begun.

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