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A teacher stops a girl from planting trees during her period in Maharashtra htgp

Many shameful cases still appear regarding the girls’ period. A similar case emerged from Nashik in Maharashtra where a tribal student alleges that she was suspended from farming at school due to her menstrual cycles. When the matter appeared, there was an uproar. On the other hand, the Maharashtra Women’s Commission took note of the matter and instructed action to be taken.

In fact, this incident is from Nashik district in Maharashtra. As per the PTI report, it is a girls’ boarding secondary and high school in Devgaon of Trimbakeshwar block. The 12th grader, who studies here, claimed the teacher told her and other girls that if girls with PMS plant trees, they won’t grow and will burn.

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After that they were all forbidden to plant trees. On the other hand, this incident happened at the school, and when the student told this matter in her home, everyone began to express their displeasure with the teacher. After that, members of the student’s family filed a complaint with the Tribal Development Department. The matter caught fire again and the additional commissioner ordered action against the guilty teacher. The matter then reached the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission.

The Women’s Committee also demanded that strict action be taken against the teacher in question. Regarding the matter, Additional Commissioner Sandeep Gulleh said that statements of everyone including the female students, teachers, supervisor and principal will be taken into account and the matter will be investigated.

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In this regard, the additional collector and TDD project officer in Nashik district met on Wednesday with the female student at the school and inquired about her problems. The concerned official said that the matter is being investigated and a decision will be taken soon.

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