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A woman has escaped from the shelter of a house that was raped by a policeman relative and a taxi driver in Jodhpur

In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, an 18-year-old girl experienced libido twice in 24 hours in the name of help. This girl had escaped from the girl’s reformatory home. According to the girl, at first she was raped by a relative of the policeman, and then a taxi driver. Based on the girl’s complaint, the police arrested the accused and brought them to court.

I was going to visit my daughter
It is said that this girl got married at the age of fourteen. When he was 17 years old, he killed his sister-in-law due to some issues. Since she was a minor at the time of the accident, she was sent to the girls’ reformatory. She gave birth to a two-and-a-half-year-old girl. This girl lives with the girl’s parents. To meet this girl, the girl ran away from the correctional home and on her way to rape. It is said that even in October 2021, she ran away from the girl’s correctional home to meet her daughter.

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Trick in the name of help
Manish Dev in charge of Mandor Police Station told that the girl ran away from the correctional home on Friday night to meet her daughter. In the name of assistance, the accused Kuldeep Vishnoi (23 years old) took her to his residence and raped her. Kuldeep Vishnoi is said to be a relative of the assistant sub-inspector. After executing the rape of the girl, Kuldeep left her near the railway crossing in the Mandora region. The girl here found a taxi driver named Babu Ram. Babu Ram takes him and goes to a secluded place, saying he will take her to the bus stand. Here he raped the girl and dropped her off at the bus stop at 5.30 am.

A complaint has been made to reach the village
From here the girl somehow reached her village near Jodhpur. The girl took her parents with her in the village, reached the nearest police station and filed a complaint. After that, the police moved and arrested the accused and brought them to court. A case has been registered under Section 376 and Section 342 of the IPC in this matter.

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