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A woman kills Umesh Kolhi, Navet Rana, Police Commissioner Aarti Singh, Maharashtra News – India Hindi News

Police Commissioner Aarti Singh has responded to MP Navneet Rana’s allegations in the Amaravati murder case in Maharashtra. He said the MP is making allegations without seeing the FIR. At the same time, he said that only Rana does such things. MP Amravati had questioned the police commissioner’s investigation and claimed that the order had been invalidated. On June 21, a chemist was killed by cutting his throat. At present, the National Intelligence Agency is investigating the matter.

“Only the Ms. Representative has made such an allegation and no one has made such an allegation,” Commissioner Singh told CNN on Monday. He said: Our lady did not speak to anyone in the police station. And if it’s not talked about, at least someone should see in the FIR what sections have been enforced. The officer was informed that the issue of theft or censure was not mentioned by the police even in the press note.

There should be nothing wrong with cutting a throat as an epithet, Riaz Goose has practiced ‘cutting off the head’

He said: We did not give a press note of theft or cursing, nor did we impose such oaths. These baseless allegations come from only one place. If we had to suppress the case, we suppressed it by imposing sections such as theft, fraud, or non-arrest of the accused. At first we arrested two accused, then we arrested four, then we arrested five, we arrested the main accused, and seven accused were arrested. We do not give a press note of theft or cursing nor do we put such sections. These baseless allegations come from only one place.

Navnit Rana made allegations
The MP for Amravati had alleged that Commissioner Singh was trying to suppress the case by calling it ‘bliss’. She said: “After 12 days, she provided clarifications on the matter… She had said earlier that it was a robbery and tried to suppress the matter.” An investigation should also be conducted against the Amravati Police Commissioner. Rana said he also wrote a letter to Federal Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the incident, after which the National Intelligence Agency took action.

54-year-old Umesh Kolhi was attacked by two men. Kohla was killed in this attack on the 21st. The special thing is that this incident happened just one week before the murder of Udaipur in Rajasthan.

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