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A woman raped by her boyfriend Gurugram in the hotel

A girl has filed a rape complaint with the DLF Phase-2 Police Station in Gurugram. The girl accused her friend of raping her on the pretext of marriage. The police registered a case and launched an investigation.

The girl, who is a Karnal resident, told in the complaint to the police that she is living on rent in DLF Phase 2. She has been friends with Shahrukh, a Bikaner resident, for some time.

The video was filmed taking a shower of a 21-year-old girl under the pretext of having a birthday party, then molesting her

He allegedly invited her to meet him at a hotel on December 5, 2021. There he had physical relations with her. When the girl protested, the accused pretended to marry. After that, the accused refused to marry.

Suspect of sexual harassment arrested

Gurugram. Police have arrested a young man for allegedly molesting a student while he was going to computer lessons. He was shown in court and sent to prison. On Friday, a young man working in a shop allegedly cut off the female student’s road. They harassed in protest.

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