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A woman was stabbed to death by a living partner on suspicion of her relationship with another person in Gurugram

In Rathiwas village in Gurugram district, a young man killed his living partner by stabbing him in the neck with a knife. After committing the murder, the accused informed the police control room. The police, who arrived at the scene, arrested the accused and also found a vegetable cutting knife that was used in the killing. The police started the investigation by registering a case under the murder departments of Bilaspur Police Station.

As per the information, Bhiwani resident Rahul aka Sonu (25) lived to live with Bharti (22). The day before the murder, he rented a room in the village of Rathewas. At around 9 a.m. on Saturday, Rahul called Bharti to another room and stabbed her to death three times in the throat with a vegetable chopping knife. The preliminary investigation revealed that the accused suspected that his partner was having an affair with another person.

After committing the murder, Sonu reports the murder to the police control room. When the police arrived at the scene, they saw the girl’s body lying on the cot, covered in blood. The knife used in the killing was also found dumped in the room. The accused’s clothes were also stained with blood. The police arrested the accused from the scene and seized the knife. According to the neighbors, there was a fight between Bharti and Sonu during the night.

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He lived for two and a half years: The accused said in police interrogation that he was doing teeth whitening work. Two and a half years ago, he got to know Bharti. Gradually, their acquaintance turned into love. Bharti was already married.

After that, they both began to live together. Both of them have been living in Rewari for a long time and on 2nd of June, they both came to live in rent in Rathiwas village of Gurugram. The accused had suspected that the girl was having an affair with another person, there was almost a fight in the past which is why he came from Rewari to Rathiwas village.

The forensic team has arrived at the scene

After the murder, the forensic team arrived at the scene and evidence was collected. The team took blood samples in the room in addition to handprints with a knife, and also took pictures of the place so that the accused would receive the harshest punishment.

The official of Bilaspur Police Station, Ajay Malik, said the accused was arrested after registering a case under the homicide divisions. Out of suspicion, the question of killing his life arose. Police check.

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