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Actor KRK said RCB is out of IPL 2022 due to Kohli hoping to retire now

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL) has proven itself square again. Like every time, this time too, the Bangalore team came close to the title and missed out on winning it. RCB suffered a 7 wicket loss against Rajasthan Royals in qualifying 2 on Friday and the team was knocked out of the tournament. The IPL 2022 season was not special for Bangalore batting superstar Virat Kohli, scoring just 341 points in 16 matches. During this, he averaged around 23 and was also a victim of the Golden Duck three times.

For Bangalore’s defeat, Bollywood actor Alan and Kamal Ar Khan, who is making headlines for his statement, blamed Kohli for it. KRK also advised Kohli to retire now.

Brett Lee’s big statement – Virat Kohli can take a break from cricket

KRK wrote on social media, ‘Dear Virat Kohli, I told you not to play in the last matches, but you didn’t listen to me. You are the reason why RCB is out of IPL 2022 today. hopefully. You will soon announce your retirement from all forms of cricket. This tweet of KRK has now gone viral on social media.

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KRK wrote in another tweet, “People were mad at me when I made this prediction. Today my prediction turned out to be 100% correct because I knew Virat Kohli was unlucky for RCB.

Virat Kohli’s performance at IPL 2022

17 (13)
52 (41)
41 * (29)
12 (7)
5 (6)
48 (36)
1 (3)
12 (14)
0 (1)
0 (1)
9 (10)
58 (53)
30 (33)
0 (1)
20 (14)
73 (54)
25 (24)
7 (8)

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