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AFC Asian Cup 2022 could be held in UAE amid Sri Lanka turmoil

The fate of the 2022 AFC Asian Cup seems to be changing day by day, as political developments in Sri Lanka indicate a change rather than the status quo. In such a case, there are strong indications that the six-team continental tournament, ie the Asian Cup, may be moved from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is hosting this season of the AFC Asian Cup, but it can be held in the United Arab Emirates i.e. the United Arab Emirates.

According to information received from various member boards of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), efforts have begun to transform the 16-day event. According to Cricbuzz, talks have been held between the ACC and the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) in the UAE. SLC is being kept in the loop and the Asian Cup is expected to take place on the same dates as previously announced, from August 26 to September 11.

The current scenario with Sri Lanka Cricket i.e. SLC is different than it was a few weeks ago when, under pressure from the government, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board agreed to host the event, but things have changed dramatically in the past week, with the country’s president fleeing and a new president inaugurated. Violent protests against the political establishment brought the country to a boil.

On Saturday, an ACC member told Cricbuzz: “In such a scenario, it is thought not appropriate to host the tournament (Asia Cup)”. An SLC official acknowledged that there is a strong potential for change. By the way, SLC Australia has successfully hosted the entire series and Pakistan is currently hosting the team.

However, a statement issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Saturday morning appears to present a different scenario. The Board of Directors said: “Our first priority is to support Sri Lanka and play the Asian Cup there. If this tournament is not held in Sri Lanka, it will be a huge loss for cricket and a financial loss. It was without any problems, and the Pakistan team is also currently touring in Sri Lanka.

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