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Afghanistan dissolved human rights commission Taliban says we don’t have funding

The Taliban, who seized power in Afghanistan, dissolved the country’s Human Rights Commission itself. Questions are being raised about this decision by the Taliban government, which is notorious for its humanitarian crimes. Apart from this, the Taliban government abolished 4 other administrations. The Taliban government says it is short of funds. In such a situation, it will not be easy to manage these partitions. The Taliban said the country faces a budget shortfall of $501 million. That’s why they were closed. Not only that, the Taliban have described an administration such as the Commission on Human Rights as unnecessary.

The section relating to the constitution has also been closed

“These departments were not very important and were not included in the budget,” Taliban government deputy spokesman Enamullah Semanghani told Reuters news agency. That’s why they were disbanded. Apart from the Human Rights Commission, the dissolved constituency is the commission formed to implement the constitution. The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August of last year. Then the Taliban claimed that they would incorporate generosity into their model of governance. However, the Taliban made their intentions clear by dissolving the departments on human rights and the constitution.

I told the Taliban why they closed their departments

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Not only that, but human rights activists’ concerns have also increased due to the Taliban’s move. The five departments closed by the Taliban include the Supreme Council for National Reorganization and the National Security Council. The Taliban government presented its budget for the first time since taking power in Afghanistan and cut funding to several institutions. The Taliban says we have provided the budget to achieve the necessary goals. However, the Taliban said that if there is a need for these departments in the times ahead, then they can be restarted.

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