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After serving in armed forces for four years, hardly any marriage proposal attracts Meghalaya ruler Satya Pal Malik because of Agnipath scheme – India India News – Satyapal Malik’s advice to Modi government

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik on Sunday opposed Agnipath’s new army conscription plan, saying the government should reconsider the scheme. Malik said El-Gwan will train for six months, and when he comes home after six months off and three years’ work, he won’t even get married.

Following the death of Guru Leader Gaje Singh Dhama in Khekra, Baghpat on Sunday, Malik has arrived at his residence to offer condolences. Governor Malik later told reporters that Agnibat’s scheme is against Jaws, it is a betrayal of their hopes. He said that earlier he talked about farmers and now he talks about soldiers.

I’ll leave the chair in a minute, if…

If I had resigned the position and sat among the cultivators and youths and was honest, would that have made a greater impact? In response to this question, Satyapal Malik said, “If I were in the constituency of advisors like you, I would not have come here. Then he said I would leave the chair in a minute if that person said that who made me. Malik was also the Deputy Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

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I do not intend to do politics and run in elections.

In response to a question about future plans, he said, “I do not intend to work in politics and contest elections.” I will fight wherever the need arises for cultivators and jaws. Malik said he will also write a book on Kashmir. When asked if he will openly lead the movement against the central government after retirement? Malik said it is not a matter of opposition to the government, if the issue I raise is accepted, it will be on the government’s side.

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