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agnipath like schemes in many countries like america israel army recruitment – india news – india news

After implementing the Agneepath scheme in the military, the government is also facing a lot of criticism and protests are taking place across the country. The demonstrations turned violent in many places, and public property was damaged. To convince the young people, the government issued an unofficial fact sheet and said that such a scheme already exists in many countries and does not have any negative impact.

Now all recruitment of personnel under the rank of officer in the army will be under this scheme. Under this, the soldier will serve for four years after which 25 percent of Agniveers will be conscripted into the regular cadre. It all depends on their performance. The age limit for admission to this will be from 17.5 years to 21 years. These soldiers will also be given a separate rank.

Agniveers who have completed four years will be given a package of Rs 11.71 lakh, which will be exempt from tax. At the same time, with this scheme, the government’s plan aims to reduce the pension bill, which is currently around Rs 1.19 thousand crore. There are many countries that have already implemented such a scheme. Let’s know which countries they are and what the rules are there.

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America has an army of 1.4 million soldiers and recruitment here is on a voluntary basis. Most soldiers are conscripted for four years, and if necessary, soldiers are given a four-year extension. These soldiers can also apply for full service and are also eligible for a pension and other benefits if they have served 20 years. Soldiers who retire early are awarded an allowance.

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Conscription of soldiers takes place in China. 4.5 lakh soldiers are recruited here every year. China has a large number of young people, so every year 8 million people are ready for this recruitment. Those recruited on this basis are given the opportunity to serve for two years, of which 40 days of training is offered. Depending on the selection rules, many of these soldiers are also kept in full service. Soldiers who have served two years are given loans at a discount so that they can start their own businesses. Apart from this, they also get tax benefits.

Here soldiers are recruited on a contractual basis. There are many employment models for this. From one-year renewable contracts to five-year renewable contracts. Soldiers are trained for three months and those who serve for 19 years receive a pension.

In Russia, a hybrid model of recruitment is used, on the basis of which contracts are concluded in the armed forces. Hereby, after one year of training, one year service is granted. After that they are kept in reserve. Permanent soldiers are also recruited from these people. These soldiers are also exempted from admission to universities and given the opportunity to study in military institutions.

There is such a rule in this country that it is necessary for everyone to serve in the army. Men must serve at least 32 months and women 24 months. After this service, they are kept in the reserve list and can be called into service at any time. These soldiers are given basic training. Of those, 10 percent have been drafted into the military and are seven-year contractors. A soldier is entitled to a pension after at least 12 years of service.

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