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Agniveer scheme of registration applies Gorkha Indian Army Regiment Agniiver Sarkari Naukri 2022 – India News

However, the recruitment of the Gurkhas which would add to the strength of the army, would continue as before under the Agnipath scheme. But the army is not sure that it will get enough Gurkha Agnivir. The reason for this was that even in the ancient recruitment process, there was a decrease in the recruitment of Gorkhas.

The application process for recruiting Agnivers into the Army has begun. In this, Nepalese Gorkhas with Indian origin can also be applied. Opportunities were kept for Nepalese Gurkhas as in the past. But there are doubts about whether the Nepalese Gurkhas will join the army after four years of service.

Whereas in the past, when there was regular recruitment, the number of applicants in Gorkha started declining. The reason for this was to create an anti-India environment in Nepal, leaving the traditional security work of the Gurkhas to other professions. In such a case, the new Agneepath scheme can add to this challenge.

The Supreme Court will hear the motion against the Agneepath Scheme, which demands that the notice be rescinded

The army has seven regiments and 39 battalions.
There are seven regiments of Gurkhas and 39 battalions in the Indian Army. Six regiments were already operating before independence. About 32 thousand Gurkha Gawan are working in this field. It is estimated that 75 percent of the Gurkhas are of Nepalese origin, while the rest are from India.

No new Gurkha battalion formed after 2015
The army did not create any new Gurkha battalion after 2015. In the new recruitment that was taking place, it was observed that Gurkha candidates are decreasing. Army sources said the Gurkha’s enthusiasm for joining the ranks of the Agniveers would be known in the next few days.

Many causes of depression
The sources said that the highly educated Gorkas are now going to other jobs instead of security. Apart from the armies of Britain and some other countries, there are opportunities for them in the Singapore Police. Gurkhas are being recruited into the security services of many countries with great salaries. With so many options, the Gurkhas do not give high priority to the very difficult task of the army.

most dangerous soldier
Gurkha Gawan is considered to be the most dangerous soldier of the army, who do not fear death during the war and put an end to the enemy brutally. Along with the weapons provided by the army, he always carries a khukri with him. The Gurkhas are also among the most brave soldiers in the British Army.

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