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AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi Nupur Sharma Prophet Muhammad comments on the Supreme Court – India India News

The Supreme Court on Friday criticized Nupur Sharma, the imprisoned BJP leader, for his controversial remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. The Supreme Court said his case had led to mishaps across the country and had stirred up the emotions of the people. Opposition parties have become attackers of the BJP after the Supreme Court’s pronouncements on Nupur Sharma. Now, AIMIM Chairman Asaduddin Al Owais has targeted the BJP over the matter. Oisi said, BJP talks a lot about clean chit Gujarat then what will it say in today’s decision.

Al-Owaisi said: I demand the Prime Minister to arrest Nupur Sharma. Why is he saved when FIR is registered against him? Why did the BJP and Modi make this issue an issue of prestige. How long will Prime Minister Narendra Modi remain silent on this issue? Let the law take its course. Pay attention to what the Supreme Court justices said today.

Rescue a woman and destroy another house

Al-Owaisi said Nupur Sharma is a member of the BJP’s national executive in Hyderabad. She is still a member of the party’s national executive. You save Nupur Sharma and on the other hand you arrest Al-Zubayr. The first is the rescue of a woman and the other hand the demolition of a house in the name of a woman.

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You should apologize to the whole country

The Supreme Court said Sharma made the remarks against the Prophet either for cheap publicity or as part of some political agenda or some hateful activity. He said he should apologize to the whole country. Sharma’s remarks against the Prophet during a debate on the news channel led to protests across the country and provoked sharp reactions from several Gulf states. The BJP later suspended Sharma from the party.

What did the court do about Sharma’s statements?

During the hearing, the court said: “These statements are very disturbing and reek of arrogance.” What is meant by making such a statement? These statements led to unfortunate incidents in the country.. These people are not religious. They do not respect other religions. These comments were made either for cheap publicity or as part of some political agenda or hateful activity.

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