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aimplb said in controversy over gianvapi protest in country govt must clarify Muslim ibadatgah issue – India Indian News

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), the main organization of Muslims in the country, has called on the government to clarify its position on the alleged targeting of Muslim places of worship in the country. The Council decided to provide legal assistance to the Mosque Arrangement Committee and its attorney in the matter of the Gianfapi Mosque. The council also decided to launch a nationwide campaign of incitement, if necessary, to inform the public of the “real intent” to provoke a dispute over places of worship.

Executive member of the Board of Directors, Qassem Rasoul Elias, said on Wednesday that an emergency virtual meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors (Working Committee) was held late on Tuesday, during which many important decisions were taken. Referring to the Gianvapi Mosque in Varanasi and the issues of the Shahi Mosque of Edja in Mathura, he said the meeting deplored the targeting of Muslim places of worship in the country.

It was also unfortunate at the meeting, he said, that the Places of Worship Act, which had been enacted with the consent of all in Parliament in 1991, was being publicly mocked. Elias said: “In the meeting, it regrets the silence of the central and state governments. Apart from this, the political parties that call themselves secular parties are also silent. The Board of Directors demanded that all of them clarify their position on this matter.

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Elias said the council also said that the way lower courts make their decisions on places of worship, is unfortunate. Courts should not discourage people, because the last hope for justice may not end there. He said that it was decided in the meeting that the Legal Committee of the Board of Directors will assist the Mosque Maintenance Authority “Anjuman Utjatia Mosques Committee” and its attorney in relation to the Gyanvapi Mosque of the Supreme Court.

Elias said the council appealed to Muslims to maintain peace, to stand up with courage, and to fight the legal battle as best they could. He said that the council also decided that the real intention behind all the disputes that were raised regarding mosques should be presented to the public so as not to mislead the people. If necessary, Elias said, we can also launch a movement in this regard across the country.

He said that the truth is that everything that is happening is done in order to harm the unity and integrity of the country. Elias said the council also decided that after contacting the various religious sects, religious leaders, civil unions and social organizations in the country, they would be told the truth. He said that this is not the issue of any society, but rather the issue of the whole country.


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