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Akal Takht Gazdar rejects Z-Security’s offer to the center, says it would have hindered his work

Akl Takht Gaither Harpreet Singh rejected the central government’s proposal for a “Z” security category. Rejecting the security offer, he said he was obstructing his conversations with the public in order to promote Sikhism. However, he thanked the government earlier today when it offered protection.

After the government offered security, Gathidar Harpreet Singh said, I respect the sentiments of the Centre. Akal Takht is the highest institution of the Sikhs and is headed by the Jathedar. Al-Jahdar said he learned about the center’s decision through the media.

Akal Takht Jathedar was one of more than 400 people whose security was withdrawn by the newly formed AAP government in Punjab. Although his security was later restored, the Gathder again refused to take over the security of the state government. Another officer said they have now been provided with security by the Central Government’s Central Reserve Police Force.

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Under the “Z” security category, 16 to 20 armed commandos are deployed around the clock with the person in shifts. He will also be provided with an escort and pilot carriage when he travels by road.

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