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Amit Shah interview Gujarat riots 2002 Evening Narendra Modi Supreme Court investigation

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah spoke publicly about the 2002 Gujarat riots. He said the subsequent violence was politically motivated. At the same time, he also denied the issue of displaying dead bodies. The Supreme Court upheld the clean suit filed by SIT of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (then Prime Minister) in the Gujarat riot case.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Shah expressed his happiness with the court’s decision and said the truth had emerged and it “sparkled like gold”. He said Narendra Modi suffered from pain for 19 years without saying a word and drank poison like Lord Shiva and kept it in his throat. During the interview, he demanded an apology from those who accused the then prime minister.

He said: The Supreme Court rejected all the allegations. He said why the allegations were made. You could argue this way that the allegations were politically motivated, and that has also been proven. It was a war that lasted 19 years. This great commander kept fighting by carrying all the sorrows like Lord Shankar’s poisonous drink in his throat. Now that the truth has finally emerged like gold, it shines like gold.

“Which movement?” Shah said – Modi did not go with MLA and MP to play for SIT

What is the cause of the riots
Shah said: “The root cause of this riot was the burning of the Godhra train. I have seen 60 people burn a 16 day old girl sitting on her mother’s lap. I performed the ritual fire with my own hands. Because of this there were riots. The riots that followed were politically motivated. There was a movement of reservation and it turned into a riot. In response to a question about the procession of corpses, he said: “The parade is not over. This is false propaganda.

In 2019, in the Nanavati-Mehta Commission Report, CM Modi got a clean sheet. The report presented in the Gujarat state assembly said the riots were “not organized”. Shah said there was no delay in the response from the Gujarat government during that period.

On February 27, 2002, a Sabarmati Express train at Godhra railway station in Gujarat was set on fire. 58 pilgrims were burned alive at this hour. Riots broke out in Gujarat after this incident. Where more than a thousand people were killed.

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