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Anand Sharma meets JP Nada and he told me all right to meet him on joining BJP – India India News – Will Anand Sharma join BJP? He said in an interview with JP Nada

After the meeting of former Union Minister and Congress Party leader Anand Sharma with BJP Chairman JP Nada, there are many speculations in the political aisle. It is said that Anand Sharma, who is speaking out loud about the change in the party’s top leadership, could take a major political step. JP Nada and Anand Sharma both hail from Himachal Pradesh where assembly elections are scheduled for later this year.

However, after meeting with JP Nadda on Thursday, he put an end to speculation that he belongs in Congress and has no intention of going anywhere. Remarkably, Grand Congress leader Anand Sharma is a part of J23. He is among the 23 leaders who wrote letters for major changes in Congress. Now after meeting JP Neda on Thursday, Congress Representative Rajya Sabha, while speaking, said he has every right to meet Neda.

According to news agency ANI, “If I want to meet BJP Chairman JP Nada, I have every right to meet him, for me he is not BJP Chairman. We both come from the same state and studied in the same school. No political significance.” Sharma said, “If I wanted to meet him, I would talk about him publicly. What’s the problem with that? I belong to Congress. Being an ideologist does not mean that there is any personal division between us. We consider ideological opponents as our own. Don’t make social enemies.” Anand Sharma has expressed his dissatisfaction with the party leadership many times. He is a member of the Group of 23 formed out of discontent with the leadership of Congress.

Sharma said, “Concerning the meeting, I and JP Nada are from the same district (Himachal Pradesh) and were students in the same university and we have social and family ties as well. So when I have to meet, I will meet openly. If our political parties are different and their ideology and ideology are different, then this is It does not mean that we are socially divided. So it is not appropriate to spread rumors about this. Our sons keep meeting.”

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