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Another electric scooter in flames from Ramachndrapur in front of the house for charging – Indian Auto News

electric scooter fire: A new fire case in a two-wheeled electric car has come to the fore. This case concerns the village of Ramachandrapur, Karimnagar district, Telangana. According to a report by PTI, the battery of an electric scooter exploded while being charged in Ramadogu Mandal district of Karimnagar district. The accident occurred in the village of Ramchandrapur late on Sunday night when an electric vehicle owner kept an electric scooter outside his house to charge it. However, no one was injured in this accident. Police said some parts of the car were burnt after the explosion. No one was around at the time of the accident, so no one was hurt. No brand information is available for this electric vehicle. This car is owned by a farmer named Odelu.

There have been many cases of fire in a two-wheeled electric vehicle

And On April 30, a fire broke out in an electric scooter from Okinawa in Hosur, an industrial center in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. In this accident, scooter rider Satish Kumar saved himself by jumping off the scooter. Others on the way tried to put out the scooter’s fire, but by then the flames had completely destroyed the scooter.

And On April 26, Dr. Prithviraj, a resident of Tamil Nadu, set his OLA S1 Pro scooter on fire by pouring gasoline. Prithviraj says his motorcycle stopped working after walking 44 kilometres. Enraged by this, he poured gasoline on the scooter and set it on fire. The accident occurred near the Ampur bypass road in Tamil Nadu.

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And In the same April, an 80-year-old man, named B Ramaswamy, died of EV in Nizamabad, Telangana. The PureEV e-scooter battery exploded after charging it overnight. The electric scooter was put into charge at 12.30pm. Then it exploded at four in the morning. Several family members were also injured while trying to put out the fire.

And The first case of an electric vehicle ignition was reported on March 26. At the time, a blue OLA S1 Pro electric scooter parked on the roadside in Pune caught fire. The video of the fire and smoke rising from the scooter’s battery compartment went viral.

And On the same March 26, a fire broke out in an electric scooter from Okinawa in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Two people who were driving the scooter died in this accident. He was another father and son.

And On March 28, a fire broke out in a PureEV electric scooter in Chennai. Today, a new incident came to the fore. In the past 7 months, 6 cases of the PureEV scooter caught fire have been reported.

And On April 11, several Jitendra Electric motorcycles caught fire simultaneously in Nashik. They were transported from one place to another in a truck. It also ordered the government to open an investigation in this regard.

And On April 18, an Okinawa dealership in Tamil Nadu was burned to ashes. Sources related to the matter said that the fire first broke out on a motorcycle, and then spread. The company has also recalled 3,215 units in the past.

And On April 21, an 80-year-old man was killed by an electric vehicle in Nizamabad, Telangana. His PureEV electric scooter’s battery exploded after charging it overnight.

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The expert told the cause of the explosion in the EV battery
Live Hindustan spoke to YouTuber auto expert Amit Kher (Ask CarGuru) about EV battery fire incidents. He mentioned five reasons for the occurrence of a fire or explosion in the battery used in the electric vehicle. Besides, important tips have also been given on how to avoid it.

1. Dissolvable plastic locker: All batteries used in the EV come with a plastic locker. In such a situation, when it is hot, the plastic melts. Besides, the circuits associated with it also begin to melt. This greatly increases the risk of fire. Even though the battery is fully charged, it is still discharging heat. When the battery heats up, this heat discharge begins to increase rapidly.

2. Low heat sink: Most batteries are lithium-ion based. The lithium ion releases more heat. In this case, the cap on top of the casing must be stronger for this. It should use a heat sink, but battery operators are not using it at the moment. The main reason for this is also the interchangeable battery. These batteries are moved from one place to another. In such a situation, if the heat sink in the battery increases, its weight will also increase. Because of this there may be some problems in uploading it. It is for this reason that they were kept deliberately light.

3. Short circuit due to current: The biggest cause of fire in trains during the charging station is due to short circuit. This current is so heavy that if the battery joints are not tight, the probability of a short circuit in it increases. Charger up to 7kw used in two wheels. It is about 5 to 7 times more current than the air conditioner used in the home. Often due to such a powerful charger, there is a risk of a short circuit in the battery. Our technician is not yet ready to handle that much current.

4. Battery Heating by Temperature: The temperature is increasing rapidly in the country these days. There is also a problem of fire in vehicles. In two-wheeled electric vehicles, the battery is used under the seat. In such a situation, when the car is parked in the sun, its body temperature becomes 70 degrees or more. The bottom of the seat is airtight, so its temperature becomes the same. When we start the car, it takes more engine power to move it forward. This raises the temperature even more. Because of this, the car begins to get small, and it catches fire several times due to heat.

5. Made by Chinese Manufacturers: Most of the battery manufacturers are Chinese and Taiwanese. In such a situation, due to the reduced weight and cost of the battery, the heat sink is not used very well in it. The battery has not cooled down well yet. As a result of this negligence, there are shooting accidents in the car battery. On the other hand, heat sinks and coolants are also used in cars with batteries of more than kWh. It keeps the car battery very cool.

6 things to keep in mind while using an electric two-wheeler bike

1. Charge the two-wheeled battery in a place in the house that is an outdoor area. Do not place it on a cloth or wooden surface.

2. Do not leave the battery charging overnight. Charge as long as you are awake. Turn off charging while you sleep.

3. Avoid charging in case the electronic vehicle is submerged in water. Even after drying and cleaning well, put it in the charging position.

4. If you smell the slightest odor while driving, don’t ignore it. Stop the car immediately and open the seat first. Until the heat goes out from the inside.

5. Also, avoid taking a car from a Chinese manufacturer. Instead, go to the vehicles that are manufactured in our factory here.

6. Keep your vehicle insurance up to date. Try to renew it a week in advance if it is about to expire.

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