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Another petition in the Gianfabe case asks the court to ban Muslims from entering

In the Gyanvapi case, Kiran Singh, wife of Jitendra Singh Bisen, uncle of plaintiff Rakhi Singh, filed an application in the Court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Dewakar on Tuesday. In this, there was a request to prevent Muslims from entering the university campus. The court accepted the request. There will be a hearing on it on Wednesday. Petitioner Kiran Singh is the International General Secretary of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh while her husband, Jitendra Pesin, is the President.

Adivashwar litigant Kiran Singh and litigants Vikas Sah and Vidyachand filed a three-point, 80-page, 120-paragraph motion with the court on Tuesday. In the petition of apologists Shivam Gaur and Manbhadur Singh etc., it was demanded that the Muslim side be prevented from entering the buildings of the Gyanvapi Mosque, to hand over the buildings of Gyanvapi to Hindus for worship.

The first hearing at the request of the Islamic side, May 26th

Besides, the daily worship of Lord Adi Visheshwar should start with immediate effect. He also defended the Tribunal’s Proceedings Report. The court accepted the petition for a 4 p.m. hearing. The hearing will take place on Wednesday. Vikas Sah and Vidyachand are residents of Varanasi only.

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Court directs plaintiff to file notice
During the debate, Provincial Government Prosecutor Mahindra Prasad Pandey protested against the filing of the lawsuit without giving any notice. He said the plaintiff should have informed at least all of the defendants by issuing notices of the lawsuit. During the filing of the lawsuit, the court directed the plaintiff to notify the plaintiff under Article 80 to all parties.

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