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Arif Muhammad Khan circulates on Twitter speculation about his presidential candidacy

The Election Commission of India on Thursday announced the date of the presidential election. Accordingly, elections to elect the next president will be held on July 18, and votes will be counted on July 21. The term of incumbent President Ram Nath Kovind is set to expire on July 24. In such a situation, there is speculation about who will be the next general in the country? By the way, the name of Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan has been discussed a lot in political circles.

Arif Muhammad Khan is trending on Twitter

Arif Muhammad Khan is known for speaking out on issues related to Muslims in particular. They are trending on Twitter after the Prophet’s recent controversy. He dismissed Qatar’s request for a public apology as insignificant. He said people should heed the PM and the RSS who appealed to strengthen the traditions of totalitarianism in India.

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Why is there speculation about his presidential candidacy?

Indeed, in the past few years, the way in which the BJP has been accused of conducting politics of targeting Muslims, could think of a Muslim face to cut. Arif Muhammad Khan is a great scholar and an outspoken face calling for the abolition of triple divorce. Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan has extensive political experience. Arif Muhammad Khan gained a reputation among Muslims as a progressive face after he resigned his ministerial post in Rajiv Gandhi’s government in 1986 after disapproving of the government’s action in the Shah Banu case. Arif Muhammad Khan was a staunch advocate of the abolition of triple divorce. Arif Muhammad also praised the Modi government’s policies on many occasions.

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Aref Muhammad will be “Abdul Kalam” from the Modi government?

Even people on Twitter are advising the Modi government to appoint Arif Mohamad as president. People are wondering if Arif Muhammad Khan will be Prime Minister Modi’s second speech. Let us tell you that earlier in the year 2002, Atal government also surprised everyone by suggesting the name of Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam for the post of President. Now there is speculation that the Modi government may make a similar decision. The reason for this is that the BJP government considers Arif Muhammad a progressive Islamic face.

Miawati’s name came up in the discussion

There is also speculation in the name of Arif Muhammad Khan as there is no clear indication from the BJP about the re-election of incumbent President Ram Nath Kovind. Earlier this year, BSP chairwoman Mayawati was said not to contest the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections tightly because she had struck a “deal” with the BJP as a presidential candidate. The allegations were made by SP Chairman Akhilesh Yadav, after the BJP’s victory in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, although Mayawati declared that she was not interested in the top position. In recent days, there has been speculation in some political circles that a Muslim might be nominated by the BJP for the position. Twitter users have indicated that Federal Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi may not be re-nominated for the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.

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There is also a discussion about the name of the chosen one, Abbas Naqvi

Apart from him, the name of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is also under discussion. The reason for this is that even after he was a union minister, he did not participate in the Rajya Sabha elections. Apart from this, there was speculation that Rampur would be included in the Lok Sabha by-election, but even there he did not stand a chance. To remain a minister in the union, it is necessary to be a member of the Rajya Sabha or the Lok Sabha. In such a case, there is speculation that the party could make him president or vice president. In this election, 4,809 members of the Electoral College made up of MPs and MLAs will choose the successor to incumbent President Ram Nath Kovind.

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