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Arrest of the main conspirator of Jahangirpuri violence, Tabriz Khan, also named in the Delhi riots

Delhi Police once again came under fire in connection with the communal violence that took place during the Hanuman Jayanti procession in the Jahangirpuri district of Delhi last month. In fact, the person who was being treated by the Delhi Police as an aide turned out to be the alleged main conspirator of the Jahangirpuri violence. The crime branch of Delhi Police has arrested three other accused including Tabriz Khan, the main conspirator of the violence. According to sources, the name of Tabriz also appeared in the Delhi riots.

According to the sources, the suspect in the Jahangirpuri violence became a ‘guardian of the peace’ after throwing stones and wandering among the senior police officers so that the police would not suspect him. But the crime branch that investigated the matter arrested Tabriz on Saturday.

After the violence, he was seen around all the senior officials including the DCP. He was often seen standing or sitting next to Usha Rangnani, DCP of the district, from the platform to the road. Not only this, pretending to keep peace, he also organized a tricolor yatra in the area and also got permission to do so from the police by writing a letter.

MCD was preparing to run for elections

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It is said that earlier Tabriz was a member of Asaduddin Al-Owaisi’s party AIMIM, but later left AIMIM and joined the Congress. Presently, she was preparing for the Delhi Municipal Assembly elections.

After stones were thrown, he was constantly talking about maintaining peace in the area by roaming with the police. According to police sources, Tabriz had a very active role in throwing stones at Jahangirpuri.

In a video after the violence, it can be seen that when DCP Usha Rangrani was holding a press conference in Jahangirpuri, she was sitting next to him, asking the police force out of the area through a microphone. At the same time, another video emerged outside the Jahangirpuri police station, when the families of the arrested suspects gathered outside the police station and people in both communities started chanting face to face outside the police station, even then Tabriz was seen calling the family members of one of the communities to the police station.. They were moving outside.

Not only this, the name of Tabriz has also appeared in the Delhi riots. He also took buses from Azad Chowk to Shaheen Bagh and the same crowd gathered in Javrabad. However, the police made a witness to strengthen the case.

36 people have been arrested so far, including three minors

Notably, in connection with the communal violence in Jahangirpuri district, the police have arrested three other accused. With this, the police have so far arrested 36 people, including three minors.

While Zaheer Khan alias Jalil (48) and Anabol alias Sheikh (32) were arrested from Jahangirpuri on Friday, the third suspect, Tabriz (40) from the same district was arrested on Saturday, police officials said. Both Zaheer Khan and Anoul had been fleeing since the day of the engagement. Police said they were identified through CCTV footage and on the basis of witness statements, who claimed that both were active participants in the violence.

A senior police officer said that both defendants turned off their mobile phones and changed their location several times. When he returned to his home here, the police learned that he is in Jahangirpuri. According to the official, Jalil was seen brandishing a pistol in the CCTV footage and whether he fired the shot will be investigated. The official said Annabol was an active participant in the clashes. While the police claimed that Tabriz was actively involved in the violence, new arrests were made on the basis of technical evidence and witness statements.

The violence injured 9 people, including 8 policemen

Eight policemen and a local resident were injured in violent clashes between two communities during the Hanuman Jayanti procession in Jahangirpuri, the capital on April 16. The police stated that during the clashes, stones were thrown and fires were set, and some cars were set on fire.

After days of violence, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Astana wrote to the Enforcement Directorate to investigate money laundering charges against the main accused in the case. Police imposed a strict National Security Act (RASUKA) against the five defendants in the case.

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