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The BJP has taken a major action against Arun Yadav, who is in charge of the Haryana Information Technology Cell. The party removed him from the post on Thursday. It is reported that this action was taken due to controversy after a tweet he made in 2017. The special thing is that due to the old tweet which is now viral, Yadav’s arrest request has started on social media. Recently, the BJP also cracked down on former speakers Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal.

A statement was issued late in the evening on behalf of the BJP’s state secretary, Gulshan Bhatia, saying that Yadav should be removed from the post. However, he did not share any reason for that. According to media reports, a party leader admitted that a campaign on social media against Yadav has gained momentum. Thousands of tweets were issued calling for his arrest.

The rebellion did not stop in the Udhav Thackeray camp, after Thane supported 32 members of the Shinde council in Navi Mumbai.

The wires were tied with Muhammad Al-Zubair
The special thing is that action has been taken against Alt News co-founder Mohamed Al Zubair over an old tweet. In such a case, controversy arose as soon as the Yadav case came to light. However, it is reported that so far no complaint against Yadav has been registered with the police. Zubair was arrested in Delhi on 27 June. Yadav, who joined Twitter in 2015, has 6 lakh followers.

The third major act of the BJP
The party had recently suspended the party’s spokesperson Nupur Sharma over controversial comments about the Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, the party also expelled Naveen Jindal for supporting Sharma. After the statement on the Prophet, a great uproar broke out in many parts of the country. During that time, there were reports of violence in some states. Complaints against Sharma have also been registered in many places including Delhi.

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