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Arvind Kejriwal at Rajkot AAP Freebies BJP Gujarat Assembly News – India Indian News – Arvind Kejriwal promises ‘free’ for Gujarat, says

Arvind Kejriwal, a member of the national assembly of the Aam Aadmi party, who is preparing for the Gujarat State Assembly elections, has promised several “free” schemes from the state. It was announced without the cost of Hajj on electricity for the elderly. Elections are likely to be held in the state later this year. The AAP, which recently occupied Punjab, has promised to provide 300 units of free electricity in the state from July 1.

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has vowed that if power is voted in Gujarat, he will make many pilgrimages to seniors, including Ayodhya, free of charge on AC trains. Kejriwal accused the BJP of “failure” on several fronts during his nearly three decades of rule in the state. He also promised free electricity, improved schools and hospitals if the AAP forms the next government in Gujarat.

Kejriwal, addressing a crowd in Rajkot, accused the BJP of “failure” on the education, health and employment fronts in Gujarat despite its long rule. Highlighting the reforms made in the education sector after he became the chief minister in Delhi, Kejriwal also accused the BJP government of shutting down some 6,000 public schools in Gujarat meant for the poor.

He said, “The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for 27 years, but it has never sent anyone on a pilgrimage. Has it sent anyone to Ayodh all these years? In Delhi, the AAP government has sent 50,000 elderly people to perform Hajj within Only three years. We have sent them for free to places like Mathura, Haridwar and Vrindavan under our plan.”

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Kejriwal said, “If we come to power in Gujarat, we will take every elderly citizen on a free pilgrimage. We will send them in an air-conditioned train and make arrangements for their accommodation in air-conditioned hotel rooms.

He also said, “The League is a party of honest and patriotic intellectuals. I urge people to give us a chance, at least to break the arrogance of the BJP. If you do not find our work satisfactory, then you are free to choose any other party in the next elections after five years.”

He claimed that although the Chief Minister of Gujarat is Bhupendra Patel, the government is run by BJP chief C. Attacking the BJP, the chief minister of Delhi said that the BJP was in power only for “plundering” the people of Gujarat.

He claimed, “If we can reform public schools in five years, why hasn’t the BJP been able to do the same in Gujarat in 27 years? Because they came to power only to rob the people. If the Delhi government can prevent private schools from increasing fees, So why can’t the BJP do the same in Gujarat? Because the BJP has a relationship with the private school owners here.”

The AAP leader asked those present at the rally if he looked like a “thug” as recently claimed by BJP chief Gujarat Patel. He then asked the people who attended the gathering to raise their hands if they felt that Patel was a “thug”. Everyone raised their hands on this. The AAP leader said that if people wanted free electricity for 24 hours as in Delhi, they should vote for his party.

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