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The President of the All India Muslim Union, Asaduddin Owaisi, targeted the Congress this time. He said the party is invisible in Delhi. At the same time, he criticized the party leadership in connection with the split. Owesi said in the Gyanvapi Mosque case that the BJP wants to take the country back decades.

Speaking to the news agency ANI, he said the leaders do not believe in the speaker. “Congress has ruled Maharashtra for 15 years, but now it is the number three party. As it cannot be seen anywhere in Delhi. His people are leaving him. His working chief (in Gujarat) does not trust the informal president and has left.

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Speculations of Naresh Patel’s entry wrote the script for Hardik Patel’s exit, Inside Story

Hardik Patel, serving head of the Gujarat Congressional Unit, announced on Wednesday that he is leaving Congress on Twitter. He wrote: “Today I bravely resign from the position of the Congress Party and the primary membership of the party. I am confident that my decision will be welcomed by all my colleagues and the people of Gujarat. I believe that after this step, I will really be able to work positively in Gujarat in the future.”

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The AIMIM chief referred to the Supreme Court order at Gyanvapi Temple. He said: ‘The Supreme Court said that Muslims can do religious work, which means we can perform ablutions there. This is a fountain. If this happens, close all the Taj Mahal fountains. The BJP wants to take the country back to the 1990s when the riots occurred.

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