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Ashish Nehra kicks Yozvendra Chahal in the back ahead of IPL 2022 1 qualifier between Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals

Gujarat Titans head coach Ashish Nehra takes a kick in the backyard of Rajasthan Royals’ Yozvendra Chahal ahead of the IPL 2022 qualifier match 1. Her photos were shared by the Gujarat Titans on their social media accounts and these photos are now circulating online. However, it is all done in jest, for which Yozvendra Chahal and Ashish Nehra are known.

Sharing photos of Yozvendra Chahal and Ashish Nehra, Gujarat Titans wrote in the caption, “So excited to see Yogi and Nahraji together in this kick. We can clearly see from these photos shared on Twitter and Instagram that Ashish Nehra and Yozvendra Chahal have a smile on their faces, as it was Keeping the same smile in another photo, which shows that the two of them had a lot of fun.

Let us be informed that the first of the IPL 2022 Qualifier matches will take place between these two teams at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. To prepare for this match, both teams organized training sessions on Monday evening. During this, Gujarat and Rajasthan players and support team met. Earlier, Yozvendra Chahal and Rashid Khan also met.

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