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Ashok Chavan among 11 absentees in Congress bored says we got stuck in traffic htgp

Maharashtra’s new CM Eknath Shinde passed the rally’s majority test as well, and passed another ordeal. Eknath Shinde received 164 votes in the floor test conducted on Monday. However, many opposition MLAs were unable to cast their votes during this period, including former Prime Minister Ashok Chavan. It is reported that about 11 MLAs got stuck in traffic while arriving at the rally.

Indeed, some party leaders expressed concern after 11 MLAs in Congress, including former Prime Minister Ashok Chavan, failed to cast their votes in the hall test held on Monday. Not only that, according to a report in Indian Express, leaders called it neglectful. However, on the other hand, Ashok tells Chavan that he is stuck in traffic. We were two or three minutes late and closed the gates, Chavan said.

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Apart from Ashok Chavan, those who did not cast their votes were Pranati Shinde, Jeetish Antapurkar, Vijay Wadtewar, Zishan Siddiqui, Dheeraj Deshmukh, Kunal Patel, Raju Awali, Mohan Hambardi, Sherish Chaudhary and Madhavrao Jawalgaonkar. A senior Congress party leader in Maharashtra said his absence sparked discussions about the possibility that some of them may be in contact with other parties. This behavior by this group of MLAs is absolutely shocking. This indicates their neglect.

However, the AICC Secretary in charge of Maharashtra HK Patil said that eight MLAs were late and waited in the lobby. They must be stuck in the rain and traffic. Sometimes this happens. At the same time, another prominent congressional leader said that proper preparation was not done during the floor test, so that no one was monitoring the attendance of members.

Bandra MLA Siddiqui said we believe there will be discussion first and then voting will happen but voting started first. There was no meeting and we were asked to arrive at 11am. I also arrived late due to traffic and we were in the lobby. We sent a note to the speaker to let us in but got no response. Apart from this, Pranati Shinde did not vote. Pranati is the daughter of Sushil Shinde.

Eknath Shinde needed 144 votes from the MLAs to prove his majority. Earlier, the floor test was scheduled to be conducted by voice vote, but it could not be done due to the uproar of the opposition. After that, the chairman of the council gets the vote by counting the number of members. Thus, every member of the Legislative Council was asked who is he? In this vote, 164 MLA voted for Eknath Shinde. Only 99 votes were cast for the opposition.

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