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Attack on Bihar deputy CM Renu Devi in ​​Pitya by Agnipath protesters

CM Renu Devi’s house in Petya was attacked amid the brawl in different parts of the country over the “Agneepath” scheme. Apart from this, the house of Bihar Chief Bharatiya Janata Sanjay Jaiswal was also attacked. According to one of the news channels, an attempt was made to burn down his house.

An attempt was made to burn down Dr. Sanjay Jeswal’s house by spraying kerosene and portable oil. CM deputy Reno Davey confirmed the attack on Pettiah’s ancestral home while speaking to a private news channel.

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He said his grandparents’ home was attacked. Cars were looted. He said the students are being incited.

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Several family members are said to have been trapped inside the deputy prime minister’s home at the time of the attack. The Deputy Prime Minister himself has informed the media over the phone. He told the Deputy Prime Minister that he himself is currently in Patna but several of his family members are in Patna and his house was attacked by protesters. It has also been vandalized.

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