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Auction in Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Election 2022 in Sarpanch on 23 Lakhs News

Madhya Pradesh Panchayat State Election 2022: Strange cases came to the fore in the Panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh. Now one such case has emerged from the Guna region. In the Laloni gram panchayat in the area, the villagers chose the Sarpanch through auction. The villagers here auctioned off candidates for the position of Sarpanch. Where two claimants submitted. In this bid, Shyambai made the first bid for the sarpanch position of 22 lakhs, then Kantibai Meena got the job of sarpanch unopposed by bidding 23 lakhs. The villagers then took Kantipai as Sarpanch without opposition.

Temple auction

Please say that God’s temple will be built in Laloni village in Guna district. Lying has been incomplete for a long time. The villagers uniformly expressed their opinion that the temple should be built without running, and the sarpanch should be elected. After that it was decided to choose Sarpanch through the auction in the village.

Subsequently, candidates Kanti and Shyama entered the fight for the position of Sarpanch. The villagers decided that whoever paid more money for the temple would elect a sarpanch for the village and then started bidding for the position of the sarpanch in the village.


Bidding started from 20 lakhs

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First of all, Shyambai started bidding for Sarpanch position at Rs 20 lakh. After that, Kantibai increased the bid by Rs 21 lakh. Then after that Shyama Bhai made an offer of 22 lakhs, then the same Kantibai made an offer of 23 lakhs after which the final decision was made. Kantibai Mina, 69, made the highest bid. As a result of this, the villagers elected Kantibai Sarpanch without opposition.

Lakhs of rupee will be received from the government

Let us report that, besides, women were elected unopposed to 13 offices in the Bunch. With Gram Panchayat elected unopposed, Pink Panchayat became. On the other hand, if she is elected without opposition, the Panchayats will get 15,000 rupees from the government.

Ex Sarpanch said this thing

Hargovind told Meena, a former sarpanch in the village, that the largest temple in the village would be erected unfinished for the past several years. Therefore, the whole village was gathered to build this temple and after holding the Panchayat, it was decided to elect Sarpanch without opposition in the village so that the temple could also be built.

That is why Sarpanch was elected unopposed in the village and the temple would be built with the money that was offered. Besides, the remaining funds will be spent in the development work of the village as well as the community. Please say that the temple is being built in the village in three and a half pegas and that the cowshed will be built in the remaining two. The construction of the temple will cost more than Rs crore.

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