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Ayodhya Hanuman Garhi Mahant Raju Das threatens director Kali Lina Manimikalay Sar Tan Si Judah Note

Amid the ongoing controversy over the controversial poster of the film Kali, the Mahant of Hanumangarhi Temple in Ayodhya has threatened director Leena Manimekalai. Hanumangarhi Mahant Raju Das released a statement on Tuesday saying that the director’s audacity cannot be condoned. Mahant Raju Das said that if this movie was shown, we would create such a situation that no one would be able to handle it. Mahant Raju Das addressed director Lina Manimikalay saying what is the desire? I hope your head separates from the body!

Raju Das, Priest of Hanumangarhi, the prestigious Siddha Beth of Ayodhya, Ram City, said that if we, i.e., the Hindu community, are determined to separate from the body, then those who speak like this today will find it difficult to live in India. He said that the way we used to play with dolls and dolls in childhood, a lot is played with Sanatan Dharma.

To gain cheap popularity, Lord Shri Ram is sometimes called a fictitious and sometimes a nude portrait of Mother India is done. Not only that, a great sin like giving a cigarette in the mouth of a black mother has recently been committed. If this continues, the Hindu community will lose patience, and if the Hindu community continues in the way, those who test our patience will not get a place to live anywhere in the world.

Mahant Raju Das – Nupur Sharma said at that time there was a fire in the country. An earthquake has happened in the whole world and on the other hand Sanatan Dharma is being ridiculed. It is worth noting that in the poster for Leena Manimekalai’s upcoming movie Kali, Mata Kali is shown smoking a cigarette and holding the flag of the LGBT community, causing deep resentment in Sant Samaj.

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