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Bhupinder Hooda still regrets defeating Ajay Maken, says Bhupinder Hooda

In Haryana, the issue of the loss of prominent Congress leader Ajay Makin in the Rajya Sabha elections has not stopped, and there is an ongoing struggle within the party. Meanwhile, former state vice president Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the senior leadership should take action on the matter. He said that due to invalid voting in Rajya Sabha elections our candidate was defeated. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said Ajay Maken has investigated the matter. “McCain says Kiran Choudary marked the ballot instead of typing 1,” Hoda said. He said it was card number 26, which was declared invalid when marked.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda said Maken only named Kiran Choudhary after watching the video. He saw who went to vote in 26th place. On the other hand, regarding state official Vivek Bansal, Hooda said he already told us that only 29 valid votes were found and we should demand the annulment of the election. He clearly said that one has to believe. Both people can’t go wrong together. It would be wrong to say that McCain is biased against anyone. At the same time, there is a case of confrontation in Congress regarding Kuldeep Bishnoi.

Hooda said that if Kuldeep Bishnoi resigns from the Congress, we are ready to fight. Hoda said we would not expel him from the party, but he could resign and run in the elections. Citing the example of Birender Singh, Hooda said that neither Congress would lose anything nor would the BJP gain anything with the departure of Kuldeep Bishnoi. Regarding Sonipat MLA Surendra Panwar’s resignation and then withdrawal, Hooda said he resigned via email. He was threatened to kill his son. The Speaker of the House of Representatives cannot accept the resignation before speaking in private.

The ex-president of Haryana said I only knew after his resignation when he sent the email. When he met me, he started crying. We met with the governor about this and he told us about the poor state of law and order in the state. Threats are directed at MLAs. We have to be more concerned with the general public. Panwar says he receives constant threats. Calling from Dubai, he was asked to extort Rs 5 crore. I have shared all the details with DGP and SP.

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