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Big CM Yog Announcement: UP Government Will Provide 48 Hours Free Emergency Treatment

With the aim of providing better health services to all, the UP government will now provide free treatment for the first 48 hours to admitted patients in case of emergency. On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Ministry of Health is preparing for a drastic change of facilities to prevent loss of life. Around 3,000 crores will be spent on this.

Of the Rs 3,000 crore spent by the government on this service, Rs 1,614 crore will be spent for maximum infrastructure development in five years. Apart from this, free treatment for traumatized and non-traumatic patients will cost an average of Rs 550 crore every year. About Rs 300 crore will be spent on these ambulance services and 750 ambulances with advanced life support system will be procured.

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About Rs 165 crore will also be spent on operating the ambulances, salaries and training of trained staff. Apart from this, the annual expenditure on call center, command center, operation and maintenance of software etc. will be Rs 125 crore. Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary for Medical Education informed that implementation of the emergency live monitoring system in the state is being planned in a phased manner.

The first 48 hours are critical to the life of any emergency patient. Therefore, CM Yogi’s decisions are implemented on the ground and it is suggested to provide free treatment to patients within the first 48 hours. As a result, those patients who are alone or have relatives with them, but there is no immediate provision of sufficient funds, besides them, the general public will also benefit.

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Monitoring system will start soon

CM Yogi has also increased infrastructure to resources to improve health services in the past five years. Several schemes are also being implemented including one district and one medical college. With this, the live emergency monitoring system will now be implemented for the first time in the country. The Integrated Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center will be established along the lines of the Covid Command Centre. Under this service, an ambulance will arrive in case of emergency based on a call and treatment will begin immediately in the hospital.

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