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Bihar latest news Muzaffarpur Balika Grih Kand Preemptive Bail Request Rejected by Special Court by Ramesh Thakur, Brother of Main Accused Brajesh Thakur

The court has made a significant injunction in the famous baby girl case in Bihar. The anticipatory bail request of the brother of life convict Brajesh Thakur, the mastermind of the case, was denied. A preemptive bail request has been made to Ramesh Kumar, cousin of the main accused, Prajesh Thakur, in the Swadhar Ghriha case related to the child case. Special Court Judge Puneet Kumar Garg dismissed Ramesh’s petition on Monday. On June 9, the court booked the order after completing a hearing on the application.

After the request was refused, Saif suspended Ramesh’s arrest. His lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ujja said that an application will now be filed in the Patna High Court for his release on bail. The Special Court rejected the anticipatory bail request. Ramesh was the secretary in the Swadar house. Mahila Police Station Police also received evidence against Ramesh after the disappearance of 11 women and four children from Swadar Giri. On this basis, on April 30, the police filed an indictment against Ramesh Kumar and others. He is a resident of Patchdahi in Sacra. Currently living in Delhi. Earlier, the court had instructed against Brajesh Thakur. On June 20, a hearing will be held against him in the Special Court on the drafting of the charges.

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Brajesh Thakur and other defendants have been imprisoned in the Tihar Jail in Delhi after being sentenced in the girl’s house case. The FIR was filed at Mahila Police Station on 30 June 2018 in connection with the Swadar Gray case. After the incident of the baby girl was revealed, the officials examined Swadhar Guri in Bharat Mata Lin located on Sahu Road of the city police station. Brajesh Thakur and his companions ran Swadhar Greh. Ramesh Thakur was the Secretary of the Brajesh Sewa Sankalp Organization and Development Committee. Eleven women and four children were found missing from this home.

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