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Bill Gates said India should learn from the success of the vaccination campaign – India India News – Bill Gates praised India,

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates praised India’s vaccination campaign and its use of technology, days after he met Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia. He also advised the world to learn from him. Let us tell you that earlier this week the Minister of Health posted photos of his meeting with Bill Gates in Davos on Twitter.

Mandaviya tweeted, “It was a pleasure interacting with Bill Gates. Praised India’s success in managing COVID-19 and its massive immunization efforts.” , establishing regional mRNA centers as well as promoting the development of high-quality, affordable diagnostic and medical devices.

Responding to Mandaviya’s tweets, Bill Gates said on Saturday, “It’s great to meet Mansukh Mandavia and exchange views on global health. There are many lessons the world can learn from India’s success in its vaccination campaign and its use of technology to advance overall health outcomes.”

India launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign against Covid in January last year. To date, about 88 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated. The Minister of Health provided this information on Saturday. The country largely relies on the Covishield Institute of India’s original Serum and Covaxin for vaccination against the virus.

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Meanwhile, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation of Bill Gates has been operating in India since 2003. According to their official websites, the foundation has invested more in India than any other country other than the United States.

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