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bjp MP kiran kher said aap Councilors dunger know why – India Hindi News

Chandigarh MP Kiron Kher made a controversial statement regarding the members of the Board of Trustees of the Adami Public Party. Members of the AAP Council called for dungarees (animals) and said he had never seen such brutality before. Kher was speaking at a news conference about completing 8 years of Modi’s rule. When she was asked that council members from a nihilistic public party say they were not allowed to work, they started talking about the House of Representatives.

He said, when councilors first came to the meeting after the municipal elections, they made a lot of noise. They broke the table and broke the glass. He should at least take care of the dignity of the house. Council members must believe they have been elected by the people and must act as educated citizens.

Let us know that although there is the largest number of councilors from the Adami Public Party, the BJP mayor has been elected. Of the total of 35 members, 14 were from the AAP and 13 were from the BJP. The Congress had seven members, one of whom joined the BJP.

When asked about Adami’s public party advisers, Kiron Kher lost his temper and said: ‘He wants to make a satellite somewhere in his private world. Leave his words… the way he created a riot in the house on the first day when he was elected… at least he should have thought that everyone who came here… respects this place. There is dignity to this place, they were breaking tables and smashing glass. I’ve never seen such brutality. It looked as if the dungaree were roaming there. I was feeling very scared.

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