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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma gave detailed information on the BJP National Executive Committee meeting on Sunday. He said, “On the first day of the National Executive Committee meeting we discussed the economic decision. Today it is time to discuss the political decision on the second day. Interior Minister Amit Shah moved the decision and it was passed unanimously.”

Sarma said: “Shah described the Supreme Court’s decision on the Gujarat riots as historic. He said all the allegations were described by the Supreme Court as false and the court described as politically motivated. His Majesty today said the opposition is divided. Members of Congress are divided. They are fighting to establish Democracy is in the party but they don’t elect the party president out of fear. Congress suffers from a “Modi phobia. They oppose every decision made in the national interest.”

Next 30 to 40 years will be for the BJP
Shah also said that the next thirty to forty years would belong to the BJP and India would become ‘Vishwaguro’. According to Sarma, Shah described class, dynasty, and appeasement as a great curse in politics and said that it would only end with the country’s politics. Today, in desperation and desperation, Shah said, Congress is opposing every central government welfare scheme, whether it is surgical strikes, air strikes, repealing Article 370 of Kashmir or vaccination against coronavirus.

Look at the political resolution passed at the meeting
The meeting is taking place amid controversy over Nupur Sharma’s comments on the killing of Banjbar Muhammad and Kanhalalal in Udaipur. In such a case, it would be interesting to see if the party mentions it in the political decision or not. Kanhayalal and Punjab singer Seydu Musiwala were mentioned in a condolence order issued on Saturday.

The meeting will end with Modi’s speech
The party had passed a resolution on the economy and social welfare at the meeting on Saturday. The meeting officially started on Saturday at the International Convention Center in Hyderabad. It will end with Prime Minister Modi’s speech today. After that, he will also address the gathering at Parade Ground located here.

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