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BJP railway officials question Sikanderabad station, violence said to have allowed embarrassment to India India News Centre.

The BJP and railway officials questioned the intention of the state government over the violence that took place in Telangana city, Telangana state on Friday. Railway Police and Hyderabad City Police claim they were shocked when a mob attacked Secunderabad railway station on Friday morning. In this incident, one person was killed and several others were injured in the police firing into the crowd. On Friday, the southern state of Telangana witnessed a violent demonstration against the new “Agnipath” scheme to recruit in the three services of the centre. During this, protesters sparked a scuffle at Secunderabad railway station and set several trains on fire. The police also resorted to abuse in the air to disperse the demonstrators. According to a senior South Central Railroad official, protesters set some carriages of three trains on fire.

It would have been a major accident in the violence of Secunderabad “Agnipath”, 40 passengers on the train were rescued in this way

How did Telangana police go wrong?

However, questions are now being raised that when the crowd was ready to make a fuss around the railway stations since Thursday night, how could the notorious intelligence department of Telangana Police ignore it. As reported by The Indian Express, a railway official said: “Despite knowing of violent protests in railway stations in other states like Bihar the day before, police still attacked railway stations, especially in Secunderabad., which is the largest of them. “A railway station in the area so why weren’t precautions taken there? Calls for mobilization and violence were openly launched on WhatsApp groups via Telangana, how did the police fail? It is something unfathomable.”

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How did the demonstrators suddenly run away at six o’clock without speaking?

Questions are also being raised as to whether the state government allowed this violence to occur only so that the BJP government in the center faced embarrassment. Because the protesters suddenly decided to end their protest at 6 pm without any reason. Without police intervention, the protesters fled the railway track by themselves. The police detained 42 people who fled the railway station buildings. The police arrested these people for setting fire to the railway station. Secondly, the protesters demanded to speak to the Indian Army Recruitment Officer (ARO), after which the Northern District Officers of Hyderabad Police held a meeting with the Army Recruitment Officer, so that 10 to 20 protesting officers were sent to his office. He meets but the protesters refused, saying the officers should come to meet them or let them all go to the recruiting office.

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Why did the police only ask for 50 people?

As reported by The Indian Express, one of the officials said, “The protesters who claimed to be interested in enlisting in the army sat on the railway tracks for several hours, but within a minute after 6pm, all the protesters left. It was a pre-planned plan.” Several railway officials have also questioned the decision of the Additional Director General of Police Sandeep Chandelia (Railway, Telangana) to secure the Secunderabad Railway Station sprawled over several acres with only 10 berths and seven different entrances to secure the Secunderabad Railway Station. 50 people ordered as reports poured in from other states that trains were closed while they were attacked by protesters.

I had to go to a sick son.. after a quarrel over the plan of the Agneepath, the old mother was left in agony due to the cancellation of the train

Telangana BJP Chairman Pandey Sanjay Kumar alleged that the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi government allowed violence at the center to harass the BJP. He said, “Telangana government gave the permission to destroy the railway station. The protesters are TRS and AIMIM workers, who created the ruckus. The violence perpetrated by Congress workers on Thursday also got permission from the state government. False information was spread by TRS about the Agneepath scheme, resulting in state-sponsored violence.”

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