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BJP strategy behind Jagdeep Jankhar for new vice president The opposition will soon announce the name of its candidate – India Indian News

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dankhar will be the NDA’s vice presidential candidate. BJP Chairman JP Nada has made an official announcement about this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted and congratulated him and said he has excellent knowledge of our Constitution. He will be the best spokesperson for the Rajya Sabha. In fact, with the announcement of Dhankhar, the BJP hit many targets with many arrows. This made the opposition more difficult. On the other hand, CM Mamta Banerjee’s Bengal conflict with Dhankhar is well known. In such a case, Sunday, i.e. July 17, will be very important for the opposition. Opposition parties can also announce their candidates.

After the name of West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dankhar came to light by the National Democratic Rally, speculation began about the opposition nomination. In terms of numbers, although the hope of the opposition candidate’s victory may be lower, the opposition refused to give a chance to advance. Congress took the position of Vice President. On behalf of the party, Malikargon Kharj was given the task of holding talks with all 17 opposition parties. It remains to be seen which candidate for the post of vice president will come before the opposition against Dhankhar.

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Kisan Card from Dunkhar
The BJP attempted to play the kisan card by finalizing the name Jagdeep Dhankhar. Since the agricultural movement, there has been a lot of resentment among farmers about the Modi government in the center. On the other hand, Dhankhar hails from a farmer family. This is why the BJP wants to curb the farmers’ discontent by giving Dinkhar the position of honorable vice president.

Observing elections in Rajasthan
Assembly elections in Rajasthan are scheduled for 2023. At present, the Congress is in power in the state. Ashok Gilot is CM. But the dispute between Sachin Pilot and the Jhelot camp is well known in the state. The BJP is trying to capitalize on this, on the other hand, it has also focused on the Rajasthan elections by entering Dhankhar in the vice president race. Dhankhar led the state assembly from Kishangarh in Rajasthan. Dhankhar headed by Bhairon Singh Shekhawat will be the second honorable, who if he wins, will be the second deputy head of state, who belongs to Rajasthan. On the other hand, after Dhankhar’s nomination for Vice President, a wave of happiness prevailed in the state and in his region.

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At the same time, in the name of Dhankhar, the position of Trinamool Congress President and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will also be very significant. His relations with Mamta were very strained as ruler. It is believed that a joint candidate will be submitted by the opposition. Sources said the opposition parties are likely to make a decision soon. In the midst of these debates, news comes that the opposition’s joint candidate will be a non-member of Congress. It is noteworthy that the term of the current Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu, expires on August 10.

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