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BJP will give more setback to Congress ahead of Gujarat assembly elections

There are only six months left for the Gujarat State Assembly elections and the BJP has entered into election mode. At the same time, Congress is still in limbo regarding leadership and leaders leaving the party are also raising their concerns. Recently, MLA Ashwin Kotwal, who was a tribal leader in Congress, joined the BJP. Apart from this, there are so far a total of 13 MLAs or former MLAs who have left the Congress and joined the BJP. But this trend does not seem to stop yet. A senior BJP leader said that currently 7 to 8 Congress MLAs and former MLAs can join the BJP before the elections.

Not only that, the BJP is eager to bring Hardik Patel into the fold. Hardik Patel has already removed the Congressional mention from his social media bio. In such a situation, speculation that he will leave Congress is constantly gaining momentum. However, it is also said that the BJP wants to take it right before the elections so that more debates can take place and destroy the morale of the Congress. A BJP leader who is familiar with the whole matter said, “After Nitin Patil has stepped down as minister, the BJP needs a strong Patidar leader. Especially in northern Gujarat such a leader is needed. Hardik Patel suits her. He is the public courtship leader and is loved by the number A large member of the Batidar community.

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A plan has also been prepared to encircle Jinesh Mivani

Let us be informed that on Saturday, Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel put MLA Congressman Shailesh Parmar in his car after an event in Jamnagar. After that he said that whoever wants to come with us is free to do so. Parmar and others started laughing at this. Not only this, the BJP has also made preparations to besiege Ginesh Mivani. It may be against him, former Congress MLA Manilal Vaghela, who joined the BJP just last month.

How the Congress decreased and the BJP MLAs increased

Those who understand Gujarat politics say that this time the BJP wants to consolidate its control in the tribal areas. A total of 27 seats in the state are reserved for the tribal community. Congress had a lot of success in these seats last time around. This time the plan of the BJP is that even if it suffers any urban loss, it can be compensated from these areas. It is worth noting that in the 182-seat Gujarat Assembly, the Congress won 77 seats in 2017 while the BJP only won 99 MLAs. But the breakdown in Congress was so great that there are now only 67 members left, while the number of BJP MLAs has risen to 111.

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