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BJP Workers Against Hardik Patel Says Patidar BJP Leaders – India India News

Hardik Patel news: Hardik Patel, the leader of the Patidar movement, who has said goodbye to Congress, is now speculating about joining the BJP. However, Hardik could not say anything clearly about this and no statement was issued by the BJP. Meanwhile, Patidar leaders who have become part of BJP say BJP workers will never accept Hardik Patel. It is clear that Batidar’s leaders have taken a stand against Hardik. In such a situation, the big question is whether Hardik can leave the Congress and beat the BJP’s path. Because on the other hand, a nihilistic public party also sits on its side. Find out what equations are being made now…

Hardik Patel resigned from the Congress party on Wednesday. Hardik was also serving as the serving president of the Pradesh Congress. He accused the party’s senior leadership of hating the people of Gujarat. In his message, Hardek also talked about the chicken sandwich. It is said that for a chicken sandwich to a great chief in Delhi, the party worker has become a brawl. Hardik’s departure before the Gujarat State Assembly elections accused the “supreme leadership” of hating Gujarat and Gujarat and its lack of seriousness. Hardick even predicted the defeat of Congress in the upcoming House elections.

Hardik wants to join BJP
It is clear that Hardik Patel has not yet accepted that his next stop will be the BJP. But leaving the Congress, mentioning Ram Mandir, the Civil Aviation Act and Article 370, he indicated that he had decided to join the BJP. Recently, Hardik Patel also shared a picture of himself wearing saffron jamsha on social media. Even at that time there was speculation that Hardik might leave Congress and join the BJP.

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Will BJP workers accept Hardik Patel’s entry?
Varun Patel, BJP leader and former organizer of Batidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), told India Today, “BJP workers have fought a lot against Hardik Patel. It was not just a fight between two political parties. Personal attacks on us. Therefore, he will not like Core workers of the BJP join Hardik Patel to the party”.

Varun Patel said, “The Congress party did not get any benefit even after Hardik Patel joined. [कांग्रेस] Nobody won the elections. As a result, Hardik Patel’s decision to join the BJP will be in vain. Although it is up to the party’s senior leaders whether they will join or not, BJP workers will not accept Hardik Patel.

Another Patidar leader, Chirag Patel, also spoke of Hardik’s entry into the BJP. Chirag is also a part of the BJP at this time. He said, “I was with Hardik Patel during incitement in 2015. I was charged with several charges and imprisoned for 7 months. I warned Hardik Patel at the time that it was a batidar movement and not a political party. He was sitting. With Congress leaders and talking to them, we all opposed him. No. It could be a political samaj movement. We later joined the BJP, and he joined the Congress.”

I haven’t heard of him coming to the BJP yet: Chirag
Jiraj Patil said, “BJP workers will accept what the top leadership decides. I have not heard anything about them joining the BJP so far. The Patidar community is well educated and takes their own decisions. They do not depend on one person to make decisions. The Patidar Association recognizes the BJP.” Janata as the best development party.”

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