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BMTC bus driver requested euthanasia in letter to PM – India India News

A letter written in February by the sacked bus driver from Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is still pending. It is serious because in his letter, the man named Champlingaya asked President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to euthanize him and his family. Learn more about the issue…

According to the information received, Champlingia was fired because officials suspected his participation in the transport strike in April 2021. According to an official statement, BMTC has suspended more than 96 employees for participating in it.

Chambolinaya wrote the title of the letter – Allowing a Karnataka transport worker to commit suicide. Champolinaya wrote in the letter, “I am a responsible employee of this organization. Being removed due to a transport strike means my children have come on the road. We don’t even have money to buy food.”

He further wrote that he begged “the ministers, the general manager and all the officers of the organization” to come forward to save the lives of his family members and allow them to live in dignity in this society, but so far he has not accepted them. The request has not been answered. Champlingayah also stated that there is a kind of discriminatory wages for the officers of the ruling class. While the separate wage for lower class workers who work hard.

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Significantly, in April 2021, protesters who went on strike demanded a wage review for government transport employees. The 14-day strike cost the government thousands of rupees, and officials fired more than 4,000 workers at four state-run transport companies involved in the strike.

Reports say many of the employees fired from the state’s Department of Transportation have committed suicide, and many are struggling to make a living. In his letter, Champlingaya said: “Some of the people involved in the strike have been reassigned. Now I have no choice, please give me euthanasia. If I die, the government and the BMTC are directly responsible for my death.” . ”

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