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Boris Johnson sacks top ally at least 39 ministers who quit Conservative Party rebellion – India Indian News

The political crisis is deepening in Britain after the resignation of two ministers. 39 ministers and parliamentary secretaries resigned after the rebellion in the Conservative Party. Even Home Secretary Priti Patel has offered to resign. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson took another such step, which appears to put his chair in jeopardy. He fired the Minister for Housing and Communities, Michael Gove. He did this to suppress the repercussions of the rebellion in his government.

According to the information, Goff told the media that he had asked the prime minister to resign. After that, Boris Johnson fired him. He says such a thing should not be made public. In such a situation, Boris Johnson’s aides verbally attacked him. He said that the advice to the Prime Minister to resign and then stay in the government, both things are not possible simultaneously.

Boris Johnson has been a target of his ministers since the Partigate scandal. After that, the political crisis deepened due to the Chris Pincher scandal. At least nine ministers arrived in Downing Street on Wednesday evening and asked Boris Johnson to step down. Home Secretary Priti Patel is her great ally but she was also on this team. Johnson met all ministers separately. Indeed, ministers said that if the Conservative Party’s prospects were to improve in the upcoming elections, a change in leadership was necessary.

Because of the resignation of two ministers from Boris Johnson, find out about the Chris Pincher scandal

Johnson is not ready to give up the chair
Boris Johnson has told his ministers that if he resigns, the party will be in turmoil and the Conservative Party will be badly defeated at the next election. Johnson said a snap election would have to be held due to the resignation. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak had resigned over Chris Pincher’s promotion. Sajid Javid also resigned for the same reason. The Prime Minister gave the responsibility to two new ministers in his place.


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