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Bring back anyone except Rishi Sunak, interim British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the Allies – International News in Hindi

The country’s interim prime minister, Boris Johnson, has reportedly asked his colleagues to support anyone, but not Rishi Sunak, as he is leading the race to elect Britain’s new prime minister. Johnson of the ruling Conservative Party resigned as party leader on 7 July. A source said Johnson appears keen to have Secretary of State Liz Truss endorsed by his (Johnson) cabinet colleagues Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries.

The Times reports that he has urged leaders who lost their race to lead the party not to support Sunak, the former finance minister and chancellor, who has been accused of losing support in Johnson’s party. Reportedly, Johnson has also kept options open for Benny Mordaunt as his successor. Mordaunt is the junior minister of commerce.

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The entire 10 Downing Street team hates Hakim

Viewing the former chancellor’s resignation as an alleged betrayal, Johnson and his camp are running a secret campaign ‘to support anyone, but not Rishi Sunak’, according to the news. It is noteworthy that his resignation as finance minister ensured Johnson’s exit from 10 Downing Street. The newspaper quoted a source as saying that the entire 10 Downing Street team hates Rishi. They don’t blame Sajid Javid for bringing him down (Johnson). They hold my feather responsible. He thinks he’s been planning this for months.

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Sunak was the winner in the first two rounds of voting

Remarkably, Sunak was the winner in the first two rounds of voting by Conservative MPs. Meanwhile, one of Johnson’s aides rejects the claim that he (Johnson) wants to see someone other than Sunak succeed him. He admitted, however, that the outgoing prime minister is upset with Sunak’s betrayal.

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